Student Company

Student Company dancers are responsible for all regular tuition and associated fees incurred from class, intensive, and workshop/masterclass obligations required by Company participation.

Choreography Intensive: Cost for the Company Choreography Intensive is calculated per season, and is directly based upon the number of Company dancers, the number of group works being created, and Choreographer rates for the up-coming year. The cost is released with Company acceptance letters, is not to exceed $600 per dancer, and is due no later than July 1st.  

Company Fee: Company members are required to pay a separate monthly rehearsal fee, due the 1st of each month August through June, of $75 per dancer to cover the cost of their weekly group dance rehearsals, as well as any extra rehearsals that are added to the schedule as preparation for performance. There will never be any additional rehearsal fees regardless of the amount of additional rehearsals. *Payment methods fall under regular tuition payment policy. **Weekly rehearsal hours do not factor into weekly class hour tuition.

Costume Costs: Student Company members are responsible for all associated costume costs. All efforts will be made to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality.

Conventions/Festivals/Miscellaneous: Additionally, dancers are responsible for any costs associated with festivals, conventions, competitions, master classes, guest artists, performance tickets, travel, etc.