• All students and families are encouraged to keep open and consistent communication with school Faculty, Staff, and Administration. 
  • Primary communication from the school will be via email. 
  • All messages will be returned as soon as possible.
  • Questions, comments, concerns and suggestions are always appreciated and taken sincerely.

Visitor Policy

  • Visitors (both observing and participating) are admitted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Any participating visitors must pay a drop-in class fee and sign a release waiver prior to entering class.

Studio Records

  • The school must have on file the complete address, accurate phone number, emergency contact information, signed release waiver and active email address of every student. Any changes in such information must be reported to the school as soon as reasonably possible.

Privacy Policy

  • All personal, financial, and progress related information pertaining to students and their families will be kept confidential and will not be discussed with or privy to anyone other than school Faculty and Staff.
  • Any decisions made by school Faculty and Administration concerning the needs and best interests of a single student will not be shared, discussed or debated with any other student, parent or family.