Student Company

Members of Project C Studios’ Student Companies, and their parents/guardians, are seen as leaders in and representatives of Project C Studios. Their demeanor, behavior, attitudes, and actions in and out of the Studio and Company environment are seen not only as a reflection of themselves as individuals, but a reflection of the Company and the Studio as a whole.

The dynamic created by the energy and attitude of each individual dancer, as well as their parents/guardians, not only governs the cohesion, development, and success of the Company itself, but also permeates the overall dynamic of the Studio environment. It is imperative that each dancer hold themselves to the highest level of expectations, and that each parent acts to foster and exemplify the awareness of and appropriate behavior given these circumstances.


  • to conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner when involved in any studio related engagement and/or when acting as a representative of Project C Studios.
  • to encourage an environment of inclusion, support, maturity, and respect for allindividuals.
  • to address any feelings or situations of dissatisfaction, and any concerns or reports of troubling situations with Studio Administration immediately, without exception.
  • Dancers are expected to be polite, courteous, and respectful toward their parents, other parents, teachers, and fellow students, both in their presence, as well as outside of their presence, in the Studio, as well as other dance environments.
  • Parents are expected to be supportive of their dancers, as well as other dancers, and actively encourage and demonstrate maturity and rationality in all situations.
  • Dancers and parents are expected to encourage each other to embrace appropriate conduct at all times.
  • Dancers are expected to act as productive and contributing members of the dance community at large.