We have been hard at work gearing up for our return to classes at Project C. Our “Summer Semester” will be a refreshing way end to this stressful, whacky year! 

In-person classes begin June 29th and run through August 8th. This is a total of 6 weeks of in-person instruction, followed by a week of tech August 10th-14th, leading to our first-ever Summer Concert on August 15th.

Click here to register for summer classes.

Additional Info

The pricing for this semester is broken down into class packages: 

  • 1 class: $99
  • 2-3 class package: $262
  • 4-5 class package: $374
  • 6-7 class package: $475
  • Unlimited class package: $542

This covers ALL 6 weeks of classes, the additional week of tech, as well as the handful of classes that are continuing to run via zoom (M/W/F Conditioning and Jen’s Movement Integration). There will also be an added $40 concert fee that covers our concert t-shirts and the photography of the event. For families who have a credit with us, your credit CAN be applied towards the class package, but CANNOT apply towards the concert fee or additional t-shirts. 

Your class package, performance fee, and additional t-shirt order will ALL be charged on JULY 15th, 2020.  We understand that this more than anyone’s typical monthly charge, so if you need to break up the payments in any way, just let us know.

The schedule is a condensed version of what we had prior to the pandemic. All classes that have a concert piece will run Monday-Thursday, that way we all can still plan long weekends away. There are 3 advanced technique classes on Fridays for our more serious dancers to keep up with competitive level training, but those classes won’t have a concert piece, so it’s no big deal if attendance is spotty. In general, our attendance policy will be more lax, because we understand the need for summer vacations. As long as your dancer will be able to attend 4/6 of the classes AND tech they will be able to perform

Additionally, if your dancer is unable to attend a class to due a scheduling conflict, they can attend class via zoom! As long as the dancer can attend tech week IN PERSON they can perform in the concert. 
If your family does not feel ready to return to due health/safety concerns, they can also attend classes via zoom, but will not perform in the concert, and you will continue to pay the $93 monthly zoom fee.

If there are any classes your dancer wishes to take via Zoom, please email me letting me know which classes they want and I will create the Zoom Join URL for that class.

Dances for the concert will run VERY similar to the Winter Showcase. Pieces will be about 1 min, with very simple formations.  Costumes will run the same as they did for the Winter Showcase as well, and I will release those assignments in July. 

The Concert will be followed by our Awards Ceremony and we have several options based on what will be allowed/safe two months from now:

  • Option 1: Scotts Center at 7pm with a creative seating chart
  • Option 2: Outdoor at The Carrol Community College Amphitheatre at 8pm
  • Option 3: Two shows in our Black Box. Youth- Level 2 Dancers at 2 pm and Level 3-5 at 8pm

Ticketing is going to depend on the venue, so I will get back to you all on that as we get closer.

All of the safety procedures we have established for the semi-privates will be in place for the classes as well. Within a week of submitting registration, we will send a receipt and a refresher of those safety protocols.