This Dance Season

Registration for our 2021 Spring season is now open!

Click on the link to register:

Upon submitting your registration you will receive an automatic confirmation. Within 2 business days, you will receive an email from admin at Project C to approve your student for their registered classes and provide you with the online payment portal.

Payment portal:

Fall Semester Schedule:

Semester Begins: 9/14
Fall Break: 11/23-11/29
Winter Showcase Tech Week: 12/14-12-18
Winter Showcase: 12/19 and 12/20
Winter Break: 12/21-1/2 
Spring Semester Begins: 2/1
Spring Semester Schedule TBA

A note from the Directors:

New COVID-19 Policy and Safety Measures:
Starting in the Fall, all dancers will be required to wear masks at all times, including while dancing. This summer we did not require masks because the heat made wearing them too cardiovascularly intense, but with the change in season will come a drop in temperature, meaning that overheating due to a mask will become a non-issue. Along with this change in temperature also comes the cold and flu season. It is common knowledge that the symptoms of colds and flu closely mimic those of COVID, and masks will help prevent the spread of these as well. Ultimately, the students’ safety and well-being are our number one priority and while masks may be tough to adjust to initially, they also offer the best protection for the students. If there are concerns about individuals with asthma or other pre-existing conditions please know that face-shields are also an approved option, but for most classes will present an obstacle in terms of head and arm mobility. They are therefore not recommended for the bulk of the student body.

Additional safety measures that will be in place are: HEPA air filters in every studio, no hands-on teaching (unless an additional waiver has been signed for tumbling or private lessons), temperature checks before the students leave their house, and frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and a particle sprayed antiviral disinfectant that will be used on all spaces and equipment regularly.
You may notice on the attached schedule that some start and end times for classes are a bit different than usual, and classes are generally shorter. This is to make time in the schedule so that we can disinfect and keep everybody safe. This does, however, introduce new costs for the studio which necessitated some small changes in pricing. You will see this reflected in the tuition breakdown above.

Now that we have gotten through all the tough stuff, We are very excited to introduce our new faculty members! First, I would like to introduce Deontay Gray. He graduated Shenandoah University with a BFA in dance and is a current company dancer with Christopher K. Morgan and Artists. Up next is Falkner Discher, who you may have seen dance with Ballet Embody. He holds a BFA cum laude from Towson University in Dance Performance and Choreography and is also PBT certified. Both men are incredibly talented dancers and we are very lucky to have them both on faculty this season.

We are also excited for the students to work with Laurie’s teaching assistants Molli Anne Ng and Jamie Wallace, both of whom are college students who studied with me throughout high school. Both are pursuing their BFA in dance, Molli Anne at PACE University, and Jamie at UArts, and both will be in Maryland helping Laurie out and inspiring our students for the fall semester.

On the Fall Schedule, you may note that start times are about 30 minutes earlier than usual. This is to account for the fact that students no longer have to get home from school before leaving for dance. This has allowed us to end our evenings much earlier. It is our feeling that online learning will present a new and different drain on our students that will make earlier evenings very important. Please keep in mind that if school schedules change we will need to shift the schedule for some classes back about 30 minutes.

COVID-19 interrupted everyone’s training and some dancers are in about the same place, while others have regressed or progressed since March. Because of this, please register your dancer for the same level of classes they were in last season unless you have already been told otherwise by Laurie. We will use the first two weeks to adjust individual leveling as needed. If you or your dancer believes you should be placed differently or are unsure as to what your placement should be, please reach out to as we have availability 9/8-9/10 for leveling and registration meetings. 

In a typical year, we would release the event schedule for the full year. Since COVID gathering restrictions have been changing so frequently, we will instead be releasing details about upcoming events a bit closer to their occurrence. We will release a tentative calendar by 9/14.

We are looking forward to an inspiring fall semester!